Ett litet helgpaket med stora vyer och upplevelser

Two-day hiking holiday in the beautiful nature of Värmland. This holiday offers features of culture as well as traditional Swedish cuisine by the campfire.

  • 2 days & 2 nights
  • Start Humletorp, finish Mårbacka
  • Easy to moderate
  • Daily distance: 14-16 kilometers (max 4 hours)

Lovely two-day hiking holiday that starts with one night in Humletorp. Here you have the opportunity to take a wooden fired heated sauna on the shore of Lake Visten. From Humletorp you will hike between four lakes in a varied forest terrain on paths and forest roads. At the cottage in Smedsby you have the option to take a sauna or to get a massage. The day ends with at the campfire, with an amazing view of Fryken. Here you have the chance to taste the local traditional dish “Kolbullar”.

Next day you will walk through Värmland’s beautiful countryside and pass Prästbol and Östra Ämtevik’s church. This is where Selma Lagerlöf was buried and it is on her church road the walk continues, until you reach Södra Ås. Finish the tour with a shorter hike up to Åsberget and on to Selma Lagerlöf´s Mårbacka, where a guided tour of the memorial is waiting.

PRICE: 3 300 SEK pp
 This is included:
  • 2 nights in cottages
  • All meals including snacks/coffee
  • Transfer to/from Kil’s train station or Karlstad Airport
  • Door-to-door luggage transfer
  • GPS smartphone app with detailed maps
  • Admission ticket to Mårbacka including guided tour
  • Bed linen/towels and cleaning service
  • 24/7 support
Available: May – September, maximum 5 persons/group
Traveler supplement for booking of one person: 1500 SEK
Children 10-18 years: 25% discount
Options available under booking
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You can take your own car to Humletorp or we pick you up at Kil’s train station or Karlstad Airport.

Transfer to Humletorp, beautifully located on the shore of Lake Visten. Here, you can go canoeing or go for a swim. You can also take a wooden fired heated sauna. You spend the night in a cottage.




First day’s hike takes approximately four hours, and stretches through beautiful forests. Pass Lake Fölsjön and have your lunch on the shore of Lake Skacksjön. The journey continues, on paths as well as on forest roads. Right before Smedsby, the path changes to a gravel road, which takes you through beautiful countryside. On the shore of Lake Fryken, there are eleven barrows from later Bronze Age, well worth visiting at dusk. After the visit, you might be tempted to take a shower or a sauna at the cottage where you will spend the night.. There are options available for both getting a massage and taking a sauna. From the cottage, there is a short walk to the beautiful viewpoint. Here, you will have the opportunity to taste the traditional dish “kolbullar”, cooked over an open fire. 


The hike continues north to Östra Ämtervik. You will eventually reach Prästbol, feel free to visit Östra Ämtervik’s church and Selma Lagerlöf’s family grave. Proceed along Selma Lagerlöf’s church road until you reach Södra Ås in about two hours. Here, you can visit Östra Ämtervik’s heritage centre, which has a bank museum as well as a horse cab museum. The last distance takes you from Södra Ås, up the small mountain of Åsberget with a beautiful view of the neighborhood. The road down to Mårbacka takes you along Back-Kajsa’s hiking trail. Back-Kajsa was Selma Lagerlöf’s nanny, and here you will pass what is left of her cottage. After approximately 1,5 hours you will reach Mårbacka and have a guided tour of the memorial.

At 4 pm you will be transferred back to Humletorp, Kil’s train station or to Karlstad Airport.





The practical matters

We transfer you from/to Kil’s train station, alternatively transfer from/to Karlstad Airport. We also transfer your luggage door-to-door. The cottages accommodate 2-3 people per room. In each cottage you find food for breakfast and dinner. The dinners will be partly prepared and lunch packs are already made for you. Thermos for coffee or tea will also be available.

You will have access to a GPS smartphone app, which will show you the daily route in detail. There will also be a map in each cottage, showing you the next day’s route.

Check-out from the accommodations is at 10 pm at the latest. Check-in is at 3 pm. We will clean all accommodations as well as change towels and bed linen. If you would like to be environmental friendly and you are fine with using the same towels and bed linen more than once, you will get a 100 SEK discount. We will in that case transfer the used towels and bed linen to the next accommodation.

The food

The dinner menus,  typical traditional swedish dishes with a touch of Värmland, vary depending on the access to ecological and locally produced food, which we strive to offer.

When booking your cycling holiday, you will have the opportunity to choose meals from a menu. These meals consist of for example, smoked salmon, elk or herring. The dinners are partly prepared but you have to do some easy cooking, like boiling potatoes and make a salad. We will do everything to keep your effort in the kitchen to an absolute minimum. 

The breakfast items are moved from door-to-door. If you run out of something, we will refill it for you. You find prepared lunch packs for next day’s hike in the cottage.

If you are a vegetarian or need any other special diet, please let us know when you book.

Hiking and equipment

The distance is 10-15 kilometers a day, and the duration is maximum 4 hours a day. The hiking is easy to moderate with no large differences in altitude. In the forest you hike on paths and forest roads. The ground could sometime be wet und uneven. In the countryside, mainly on grevel roads the hiking is easy.

Bring your own backpack and water bottle.

Bring clothes suitable for heat, wetness and cold. You will keep driest with synthetic and woolen materials.

Hiking boots should be waterproof and should fit well – the heal should keep in place, and you should be able to wriggle your toes. Do not forget to use the boots a couple of times before you go on a hike. An abrasion could ruin the entire hiking experience.