About us

Magical nature offers unique and magical nature experiences, in combination with Swedish culture and food traditions. We strive to show you the uniqueness of Sweden while hiking or cycling from place to place, enjoying cottage overnights along the way.

While hiking through forest and countryside you get a chance to experience our beautiful Värmland up close. On your way the cultural visits enriche the holiday and work as a nice break on your journey. 

To fulfill the experience we only serve traditional Swedish food with a touch of specialties from Värmland. We strive to use only locally produced and ecological food.

As we handle most of the practical matters (read more under each holiday) you are able to completely relax and enjoy the nature and its serenity.

Out of respect for nature, we have chosen to work with small groups with a maximum of 5 people. A small group will also increase the chances of seeing more of the swedish wildlife.

The Swedish Right of Public Access gives us a unique opportunity to move freely in our nature. This means that we can experience the flora as well as the wildlife up close. For example, we have the opportunity to pick berries and mushrooms. At the same time, it is important to show consideration and carefulness to the nature and the animals in it, as well as to land owners and people you meet.

Till startsidan

Magical Nature are members of Svenska Ekoturismföreningen. They work for better ecotourism that preserve and take responsibility for fragile natur and culture around the world.